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Edwyn Collins – Losing Sleep. Album of the year.

October 26, 2010

Bit of a latecomer to this one. Nevertheless, its definately the album of the year. A real old fashioned corker! It grabs straight from the first bar of the opening song and hold you right till the end, where you are forced to listen to it again from start to finish. Hours can drift by in this pleasnt fashion.


Its only me

November 11, 2009

I am a bass player and welder amongst other things.  Heres some of my bass kit. The welding kit is to follow. 🙂

A pic of  my favourite bass guitar.  (its the white one) A Squier Classic Vibe jazz bass bought from Dawsons in Chester in the Spring for £280.  Six months later its priced at £360, so i think i got in at the right time eh?

The red Peavey Milestone MKIII i got for £30 off ebay a while back and its a real great sound. At least it was till i put some new cheapo roundwounds on it, Argghh! sounds twangy and far too bright now. I may put on it a set of Rotosound mono flats i have. I put a set on my Squier and it sounds excellent.

The two combo amps/speakers behind the basses are an old Peavey MK III 260C with a 15inch B&W speaker. The one below is a 450 Watt Behringer BX 4210A. I bought that for £70 again off ebay. It sells new for between £370 – 420 even now. It even still had its labels on it and looked hardly used. I think hhis wife made him sell it, as she was sick of the noise:) As i also bought sixteen speakers and small combo amps from him for £16 quid in an ebay auction a week later. Yes thats sixteen quid for 16 amps. I still cant belive it even now. They went crackers when i turned up at home with them. I never told them i had another six in the boot, I only showed them ten that they saw all over the seats (lucky i have a Volvo)